Production World can do a lot… loads in fact. But you don’t always need everything. Your unique event needs will be clearly identified during the briefing. Requirements and expectations will be defined… so that Production World can surpass them. Is there a personal ‘click’? How do we get the most out of your budget? What are the Challenges? What are the timescales? Who are the stakeholders?

Production World will put forward a proposal. Depending on your requirements, it could be a simple schedule with a cost overview, or a fully detailed tender complete with creative plans, technical drawings and a crew overview. We’ll agree together which proposal offers the perfect solution to your challenge.

Production World makes sure that all the different departments involved know what’s expected of them and ensure they do what’s been agreed. This applies to all areas of the production: AV, staging, lights, sound, temporary structures, fencing, sanitation and utilities, personnel, catering, waste management, furniture and decor, comms, power, ICT, machinery, signage, health & safety, security, content creation, show design and direction, HVAC, scenography, the list goes on….
Using our project management skills and experience, Production World keeps a clear overview in the complex production phase. You can rely on that.

Everything comes together onsite and during the live event. The tension is often high, but you’ll know that the Production World team has everything under control. Our experienced employees leave nothing to chance. A reassuring feeling… for you and everyone involved.

A production doesn’t end when the derig is complete and the last truck leaves site. Only when all the paperwork has been finished, the safety reports have been filed and the budget is correct to the last euro, is the project complete. In a final evaluation, the entire process is critically scrutinized by everyone involved. To learn from it and to keep improving.


In the chaotic, rapidly changing world of Live Events, Production World brings structure and calm efficiency to any event with its project management skills. Although every project is unique, the project management skills we apply are tried and tested: the brief comes in, we decide on the best approach and structure and handpick the right team. Once the basics are in place, the fun begins!

Design Studio

Production World is proud of it’s great design talent. Our design studio produces 2D and 3D drawings of event locations. In addition, we visualize complete events, with all the necessary technical data. Even other production companies come to Production World as the authority in technical drawing and design. 

  • Visualisation of events in 2D or 3D by our design studio
  • Scanning of event locations      
  • Point cloud modeling      

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