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Production World is proud of it’s great design talent. Our design studio produces 2D and 3D drawings of event locations. In addition, we visualize complete events, with all the necessary technical data. Even other production companies come to Production World as the authority in technical drawing and design.

We work with renowned design programs such as AutoCAD, Vectorworks, Revit and Cinema 4D. The visuals we create with these:

  •   Provide a clear and precise overview.
  •   Are suitable for communication with all interested parties and stakeholders.
  •   Provide support with presentations about the location, project or event.

What are the dimensions of a location? Where are the power connections located? How does the truss hang from the ceiling? Our design studio can display all of these aspects in one clear drawing. We can then incorporate site production and technical production into the drawing. This creates a map of the entire event. Impossibilities and opportunities can be identified at a glance.


By scanning locations, we can develop 3D models that provide a solid, accurate basis for a location/event. We can extract the exact dimensions and details of a location from the models so you won’t get any surprises before or during the event. It makes the preproduction and the onsite execution less challenging.

Working in close collaboration with you we will clearly define your needs before:

  • Mapping out the requirements for scanning and drawings
  • Making a scan plan including an estimate of which views and how many scans are needed to achieve a good model
  • Registering the scans in a point cloud
  • Drawing within the point cloud to create the finished product
  • Exported the finished product as a technical 2D or 3D drawing


Our role is to make great things happen. We distinguish ourselves by providing expert advice on all aspects of your production. By applying our technical and management experience to your production, we pull everything together to create a meaningful and cohesive event. Our goal is to help you create a flawless production that appeals to all of your audience’s senses. An impactful experience, that’s what it’s all about!


In the chaotic, rapidly changing world of Live Events, Production World brings structure and calm efficiency to any event with its project management skills. Although every project is unique, the project management skills we apply are tried and tested: the brief comes in, we decide on the best approach and structure and handpick the right team. Once the basics are in place, the fun begins!

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