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Production World was honoured to be chosen again to project manage the NATO Summit in Brussels. NATO Summits are complex events to produce with the highest demands in design, quality, health & safety and security. Production World helped to facilitate 30 World Leaders coming together to agree the strategic direction of the Alliance. With a global audience of billions, nothing less than perfection would do. 

The 2021 Summit was even more challenging due to the short lead time and the global Covid-19 pandemic.
Appointed by the main contractor Neptunus and led by Project Manager Jeroen Backx, Production World worked together with NATO, advising, steering and developing the event down to the last detail from design, planning and implementation to scenography and show direction and delivered an incredible, successful Summit.

Production World spent 3 months onsite at the NATO HQ in Brussels coordinating over 50 suppliers, 1300 crew and 900 transports to provide the world-class facilities required for such a high-profile and prestigious event. These included a VIP entrance, a Leaders lounge, a press conference centre with multiple press conference rooms of varying sizes and two TV studios, a bilateral room complex comprising of 19 meeting rooms, and a digital experience for the Leaders to enjoy, as well as accreditation, security and COVID-19 test facilities, a media centre for 600 journalists and a Security Operations Centre.

Taking on the production during the global COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge and impacted every part of the project. Maintaining a safe working environment during the implementation was imperative so proximity monitoring technology was used to help prevent any outbreaks and each crew member was tested every 48 hours. All the facilities provided were designed to follow the ongoing restrictions, and the existing meeting room table was adapted to allow for social distancing during the Meeting of Heads of State and Government, ensuring all 30 Leaders could meet together in a safe space.

The pressure was intense but the dynamic Project Management Team proved themselves yet again, with their expert experience, creativity and positive approach.
Up to forty people at the height of production, many having worked with Production World for years and some new to the Production World family, this top class professional team absorbed the pressure, worked together and solved each challenge with smiles on their faces.

Working in partnership with Neptunus for the fourth time, the bond between the two companies continues to strengthen with each collaboration, Production World delivering the Project Management and Neptunus doing what they do best, providing world class temporary structures.

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