Emergency Healthcare Location Ahoy2020

Unlimited Productions


Photos taken by
Floris Heuer
Jan van der Ploeg

In January 2020 a new virus was detected in the world, now known as Covid-19. Due to our experience with these type and scale of projects and because of our network we were asked by Unlimited Productions to fulfil the project management role for this project. What started for us as a consultancy assignment for the development of a production script for the port of Rotterdam to create a temporary quarantine zone. It soon turned into a hard reality when two months later this plan evolved into building an emergency healthcare location at Rotterdam Ahoy. Which we were also allowed to physically build a few days later due to the rapidly increasing numbers of patients in hospitals and ICs. Production World was involved in the development of the project from the start. From drafting the first sketches to the actual build of the Emergency Healthcare Location in Ahoy.

It has been one of the most special and complex projects we’ve ever done, in which a multidisciplinary collaboration has arisen between the Rotterdam Safety Region, the GGD, Rotterdam Ahoy, and experts from the healthcare sector and specialists in the field of pandemics.

The strong connection and trust between Production World and Unlimited Productions was build over the past 25 years and made it possible to make this project into a great result together. Our broad experience in the field of design, production, facilities, technology and logistics turned out to be a great combination, together with our combined decisiveness, speed and flexibility. We are very grateful and proud that we have been able to make a valuable contribution to the creation of this emergency healthcare location, but above all the knowledge we have been able to acquire in a completely different field of work – the support of healthcare.

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