Season opening Feyenoord 2020-2021

Feyenoord Rotterdam

Creative concept
Technical production

Photos taken by
Studio Beng Beng

Last summer we were part of a very special project commissioned by soccer club Feyenoord. The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Feyenoord joined forces and brought the worlds of soccer and classical music together in a special video production. For nearly six months, the Rotterdam orchestra and the soccer club were unable to play for their audiences and supporters. To shape their return to the concert halls and the field, the orchestra and the club brought both worlds together in a spectacular video: ‘Ready to Play’.

Production World was involved in this video production for the creative concept, technical pre-production and output, supervising the helicopter shooting and supervising the film shoots in Rotterdam Ahoy and in Stadium Feyenoord.

We developed a Pro-Tour for this project to visualize the production in 360 degrees. In this, the client’s design and requirements were visualized so that all parties involved could be included through the video production. We also used Pro-Tour to keep everyone involved up to date with information about the event. Through Pro-Tour we shared up to date 2D floor plans, the schedule, the script, information from the client and safety measures during set-up and breakdown. By using Pro-Tour the design was in line with the production and it prevented any surprises on the production.

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